Postal Competition

Updated 23/04/2020

This postal competition is open to all individuals with access to a Bell Target box or a printer to print off a BT target.

This competition will be shot off-hand (Standing and un-supported)

The Bell Box or target will be suspended or mounted with the centre of the circular target 5′.0″ above the ground and will be shot at from a point 18’0″ from the target.


Only .177 Air rifles or pistols can be used, however they can be used with both open and telescopic sights with the following classes.

.177 Air Rifle (Open sights)
.177 Air Rifle (Telescopic sights)
.177 Pistol (Open sights)

Individuals can shoot in all three classes, however you must clearly identify the class you shoot in when your scores are submitted to the forum.

Scoring is as follows:

5.1 points for a bell.
5 points within the first ring.
4 points within the second ring.
3 points within the third ring.
2 points within the final ring.

Points score up if the pip is on the line so nothing different to our normal Lincolnshire Bell target league rules.

Bell Target does score up but only when there is more pellet over the line into the higher zone than the lower. Basically, this means if the pellet strike is on the line dividing two scoring zones the higher score is awarded. So hit the line between the 4 and the 5 and you score a 5. However what constitutes on the line?

This drawing is of the centre hole plus the 5 zone and the line dividing the 5 zone from the 4 zone.

The pellet strikes are shown, domed pellets are used so a centre ‘pip’ is always viable.

The top pellet strike is just outside the line so a 4 is scored.

The middle pellet strike is on the line so a 5 is scored.

The bottom pellet strike is inside the 5 zone so a 5 is scored.

So the viewed score is 4+5+5

For those shooting with a non resettable bell target box that may be rung with fragments entering the hole, 2/3rds of the pellet needs to be over the hole to officially ring the bell. Obviously, this is open to the interpretation of the individual and this rule needs to be applied to the paper targets as well.

Each competitor will shoot 4 times to score and will take a picture of the best score and submit it in the weekly round. This is strictly an honour competition so if you cheat you only cheat yourself.

Competitions will start on a Monday and finish on the following Sunday at midnight and you can submit your scores at any point during the week by posting your results on the relevant weeks page on the forum (Link at top of page) Please note that you will need to join the forum in order to submit results.

For a change, there will be two classes, the normal open sighted .177 class plus a ‘Scoped’ class, please identify which class you are shooting in and yes, you can certainly shoot in both classes each week.

You do not need to be an active member of the Lincolnshire Bell Target League to shoot in this postal league.

A Target template in pdf format is available to download and print below. When you print please ensure you choose ‘Full size’ and to check the print is correct the outer ring should be 127,0mm/5.0″ diameter.

127 Target plate.