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This is the latest news from the league.

The Nags Head in market Rasen needs people to start a second team.

The Nags Head, Middle Rasen already has one team of 8 shooting for the pub and have recently had people asking about joining/forming a second team.

If you, or anyone you know not already in a team, are reasonably local to Middle Rasen and looking to have a bash at Bell Target can you point them in mine or Dave Carter’s direction please. Emails and contact details can be found under the contacts page.

The benefits of joining a second team are; existing fortnightly practice/training meetings are already established. The existing team are a friendly and established bunch and always happy to assist newcomers. Virtually everything needed to form a team is available and finally, you do not need to be an ace shot, nor a specific age or gender,  you just need the passion to come and shoot, or even just an interest in trying the discipline and we will help with the rest.

Best regards

David B


Scoring – There has been some discussion on the meaning of ‘Scoring up’.

Basically, this means if the pellet strike is on the line dividing two scoring zones the higher score is awarded. So hit the line between the 4 and the 5 and you score a 5. However what constitutes on the line?

This drawing is of the centre hole plus the 5 zone and the line dividing the 5 zone from the 4 zone.

The pellet strikes are shown, domed pellets are used so a centre ‘pip’ is always viable.



The top pellet strike is just outside the line so a 4 is scored.

The middle pellet strike is on the line so a 5 is scored.

The bottom pellet strike is inside the 5 zone so a 5 is scored.

So the viewed score is 4+5+5