What is Bell Target? Bell Target, in its simplest form is shooting at a circular target 6 yards/18 feet away with a .177 Air rifle or pistol with open sights and without any form of mechanical support. The object of the sport is to shoot a .177 pellet through the 3/8″ hole in the middle of the target and ring a bell. For our league this scores you 5.1 points. If you miss the hole and hit the plate you score 5, 4,3, 2 or zero, there is no 1 score.

You have 5 shots so a possible maximum score of 25.5

Where can I shoot Bell Target?

Is there a minimum age? You need to be old enough to safely handle a .177 Air rifle and they can be quite heavy, other than that just about any age can shoot and we have some very competent under 16 shooters.

What do I need to start?

How much will it cost? Not a lot! There is a yearly affiliation fee of £5.00 and after that you simply pay £2.00 for every practice evening and competition. This fee payable to the team captain covers your pellets, other consumables and running costs. Additionally, as the meetings are normally held in local pubs (Please see the teams tab) You probably need to allow for a glass of orange juice and a packet of crisps or two…